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"Women Writers in History, volume I"

Women Telling Nations

Amelia Sanz, Francesca Scott and Suzan van Dijk eds.
Amsterdam, Rodopi, 2014

Table of contents

Part 1: Women belonging to nations

  • Madeleine JEAY
    • Medieval Women Networking before the Appearance of Nations

  • Nieves BARANDA
    • Beyond Political Boundaries: Religion as Nation in Early Modern Spain

  • M. Jesús PANDO
    • Expatriates: women communities, mobility and cosmopolitanism in early modern Europe: English and Spanish nuns in Flanders

  • Henriette GOLDWYN
    • Les prophétesses des Cévennes. Strange Language and Practices of Disorder: the Prophetic Crisis in France following the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685

Part 2: Women writing the Nation

  • Alejandro HERMIDA
    • The Role of Bozena Nemcova in the Construction of Czech and Slovak Cultural Identity

Part 3: Women in networks

    • The Community of Letters and the Nation State: Bio-Bibliographic Compilations as a Transnational Genre around 1700

  • Rotraud VON KULESSA
    • Anthologies of female Italian authors and the emergence of a national identity in 19th-century Italy

    • Histories of women, histories of nation : Biographical writing as women’s tradition in Finland, 1880-1920s

Part 4: Women looking elsewhere

  • Joanna PARTYKA
    • Overpassing state and cultural borders: a Polish female doctor in 18th-century Constantinople

  • Carmen Beatrice DUTU
    • Amor Vincit (R)om(a)nia: Reshaping identities in Romanian mid-19th-century culture

Amsterdam/New York, NY 2014. 472 pp.
Women Writers in History 1)
ISBN: 978-90-420-3870-7
Bound €100,-/US$140,-
ISBN: 978-94-012-1112-3
E-Book €90,-/US$126,-

Online info: www.rodopi.nl

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