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Utrecht, June 2005

Isabelle de Charrière and other women writers in European history
Expert meeting funded by NWO
20-21 June 2005
Library Faculty of Arts, Utrecht

Petra Broomans, Suzan van Dijk, Gillian Dow, Eva-Karin Josefson, Annette Keilhauer, Alicia Montoya, Monique Moser-Verrey, Els Naaijkens, Susanne Parren, Lieselotte Steinbrügge, Johanneke Straasheijm, Kerstin Wiedemann.

This meeting took place in the context of the Digitizing project "The International Reception of Women's Writing".

During the meeting the informal working group Crosscultural Mediations and Gender : European Perspectives 1700-1900 was founded, of which the participants in the meeting are members.

Everybody agreed on the necessity of attempting to modify classical theoretical stances in terms of reception theory in order to take account of the role of women writers, translators and mediators. The discussions concluded by stating that a large-scale project should be developed, where literary and poetical approaches should co-exist alongside socio-historical and analytical approaches. Both textual analysis, and reappraisal of the act of composition and reception within its historical, cultural and social context, should complement each other. The decision was taken to meet again in March 2006 at Chawton Library.

SvD, May 2009

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