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Tülin Ural

Theme of “Marriage with a Foreigner”: Nationalism and Female Authorship in Early Republican Novel


In two novels written by female authors, Sinekli Bakkal by Halide Edib Ad?var (1884-1964) and Bahar Çiçe?i by Muazzez Tahsin Berkant (1900-1984), on which I focus here, it is claimed that while the new nation adopts a Western life style, its difference is built upon the “namus” of its female members and the marriage with a European man. This appeared as an interesting question: trying to translate this “namus” principle into the nationalist discourse. So the female authorship seems to be dominated by nationalism. However, we can still hear a female voice in strong female characters. Thus, we should judge these authors as writers who try to express themselves as women under a dominant ideology.

Ask, September 2012

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