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** [http://neww.huygens.knaw.nl/works?fromworksearch=1&sort=upper%28authors.name%29&page=1&searchtoggle=on&workauthor=&pseudonymflag=0&pseudonymflag=1&worktitle=&workyear=&worktopos=&notes=autograph+preface&per_page=200&x=18&y=21 by the author herself],<br> ** [http://neww.huygens.knaw.nl/works?fromworksearch=1&sort=upper%28authors.name%29&page=1&searchtoggle=on&workauthor=&pseudonymflag=0&pseudonymflag=1&worktitle=&workyear=&worktopos=&notes=autograph+preface&per_page=200&x=18&y=21 by the author herself],<br>
** [http://neww.huygens.knaw.nl/works?fromworksearch=1&sort=upper%28authors.name%29&page=1&searchtoggle=on&workauthor=&pseudonymflag=0&pseudonymflag=1&worktitle=&workyear=&worktopos=&notes=allograph+preface&per_page=200&x=22&y=21 by someone else], ** [http://neww.huygens.knaw.nl/works?fromworksearch=1&sort=upper%28authors.name%29&page=1&searchtoggle=on&workauthor=&pseudonymflag=0&pseudonymflag=1&worktitle=&workyear=&worktopos=&notes=allograph+preface&per_page=200&x=22&y=21 by someone else],
-* etc. <br><br>+* etc., <br><br>
- +
 +and even according to their celebrity now: <br>
 +* Mornet
SvD, May 2010<br><br><br> SvD, May 2010<br><br><br>

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Women writing,
and participating in the literary field

This part of the website presents women authors: quantities of names now (May 2010) entered into the database. They can be listed and quantified in different ways: according to their nationality, language used, year of birth, genres practiced etc. These are just starting points of course. Final objective is to present and study those writers in their international context - allowing discussion of the place and role of women authors in the literary field: female celebrities as well as hitherto completely unknown or unnoticed women.

As clearly the database WomenWriters is not "complete", any interpretation or conclusion based upon it must be considered as provisional, and in need of check and further reflection. The latter is what this website is meant for.

In this project the word "author" is used in its broadest sense: a woman who wrote and published either fiction or non-fiction, books or contributions to the periodical press, her own texts or translations of writings by others, comments on others’ writings, etc. Therefore, "intermediaries" are being classified here as "authors".

This large definition is not wholly unproblematic. For example: what about oral literature? What about women, like Madame de Sévigné, who did not write for publication, but still exerted considerable influence, when the letters written to her daughter were published some 40 years after her death? These questions have been addressed during the first of the annual “NEWW November meetings”: 22 November 2007, and will be further discussed.

Authors can be (i.e. are often) classified - for the sake of their easily being found - according to their belonging to one country, culture or language. Here also problems arise, because of possible confusion or contradiction between nationality and language. This is equally under discussion.

Thanks to information entered into the database WomenWriters, these authors can also be classified according to other criteria than

These are for instance:

Classification (and quantification) is also possible on the level of the women's works:

and even according to their celebrity now:

  • Mornet

SvD, May 2010

  • The writing side >

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