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Reading women's writing:
female success, influence, reputation

This part of the site is going to present the reception side of the dialogues undertaken by women authors. “Receivers” will include readers, reviewers, translators, etc. These different categories need to be confronted to each other in relation to specific authors or works: the database structure allows these juxtaposing of different types of sources some of them largely gender biased.

We welcome short articles to be published here online, as far as they are resulting from research facilitated by the database WomenWriters (propositions are subject to peer review). These articles will be presented according to national identities of receivers.

SvD, September 2007

  • Note that informations contained in the database WomenWriters have been derived from contemporary sources, which may contain errors. Also important: when arriving in the database WomenWriters, your status is: "not logged on", which means that you have only partial view. For complete view and participation in the project, take contact.

  • The reading side >

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