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Belle de Zuylen Prize

In 2006, the Association Isabelle de Charrière decided to establish, together with the project « The International Reception of Women’s Writing, 1700-1900 » carried out at the OGC (Research Institute for History and Culture at Utrecht University), a biennial prize, intended to recognize the excellence of a master’s thesis, written in French, English, or Dutch, focusing on Isabelle de Charrière and her work, or on one or several other female European writers of that same period (around 1800).

In 2007 the Belle de Zuylen Prize was awarded for the first time, to Ms. Caroline Godfrey for her thesis Readers by Authors: “Reading for the plot” and “Reading for the spaces” in four eighteenth-century novels by women, defended in 2006 at the University of Southampton (see Belle de Zuylen Papers of 2007). In this issue we reproduce part of her Chapter I, which is about one of the four novelists : Charlotte Lennox, whose work was appreciated by Belle de Zuylen.

The next Belle de Zuylen Prize will be awarded next year: theses that have been or will be defended during the current or past academic year, may be submitted to the editors of the Cahiers Isabelle de Charrière / Belle de Zuylen Papers, before February 1, 2009. The results will be published in the fourth issue of the Papers.

The Belle van Zuylen Prize is financed by the Association Isabelle de Charrière, together with the NWO project « New approaches to European Women’s Writing », which succeeded to the preceding project, and where Belle de Zuylen / Isabelle de Charrière – Dutch-Swiss author surrounded by an international network – still plays an important role. The Prize consists of a monetary gift of € 500 and of a two-year membership in the Association Isabelle de Charrière. The recipient will also be invited to write an article, based on his/her thesis, that will be published in the Papers.

SvD, December 2008

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