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*'''Comments''': *'''Comments''':
** Egodocuments, ** Egodocuments,
-**Handwritten comments in text,+** [http://neww.huygens.knaw.nl/receptions?fromreceptionsearch=1&sort=upper%28authors_works.name%29&page=1&searchtoggle=on&workauthor=&worktitle=&receptionauthor=&gender=&receptiontitle=&medium_ids=30&receptionyear=&references=&notes=&per_page=100&x=18&y=23 Handwritten comments in text],
-** Articles in the press, possibly to be distinguished:+** Articles in the press - to be distinguished:
-***"General" press+***[http://neww.huygens.knaw.nl/receptions?fromreceptionsearch=1&sort=upper%28authors_works.name%29&page=1&searchtoggle=on&workauthor=&worktitle=&receptionauthor=&gender=&receptiontitle=&medium_ids=2&receptionyear=&references=&notes=&per_page=100&x=11&y=8 "General" press]
-***Women's press+***[http://neww.huygens.knaw.nl/receptions?fromreceptionsearch=1&sort=upper%28authors_works.name%29&page=1&searchtoggle=on&workauthor=&worktitle=&receptionauthor=&gender=&receptiontitle=&medium_ids=27&receptionyear=&references=&notes=&per_page=100&x=27&y=19 Women's press]
-** Mentions in the periodical press,possibly to be distinguished:+** [http://neww.huygens.knaw.nl/receptions?fromreceptionsearch=1&sort=upper%28authors_works.name%29&page=1&searchtoggle=on&workauthor=&worktitle=&receptionauthor=&gender=&receptiontitle=&medium_ids=12&receptionyear=&references=&notes=&per_page=100&x=23&y=29 Mentions] in the periodical press - to be distinguished:
***"General" press ***"General" press
***Women's press ***Women's press
**[[Prefaces]] (pre-1900), **[[Prefaces]] (pre-1900),
-** (Literary) history (before c. 1900),possibly to be distinguished:+** [http://neww.huygens.knaw.nl/receptions?fromreceptionsearch=1&sort=upper%28authors_works.name%29&page=1&searchtoggle=on&workauthor=&worktitle=&receptionauthor=&gender=&receptiontitle=&medium_ids=9&receptionyear=&references=&notes=&per_page=100&x=20&y=21 (Literary) history](before c. 1900), possibly to be distinguished:
***"General" literature ***"General" literature
***Women's literature ***Women's literature

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Sources: starting points for research

This part of the site deals with the sources that provide information on the reception of women's writing. It presents what could be considered the starting point of research projects made possible by the database WomenWriters and serves as an example of the many possible sources one is or will be able to find in the database.

Intended public for this part of the site: researchers in the process of selecting and dealing with sources in reception history; also students seeking information about the ways in which we are proceeding, etc.

Sources are classified:
1. by country,
2. by category.

1. By country

2. By category

2a. Contemporary (or pre-1900) sources

2b. Modern sources

SvD, May 2010

  • Note that when arriving in the database WomenWriters your status will be "not logged on", meaning that your access to the database is limited. For complete access (and participation in the project), contact Suzan van Dijk.

  • Sources

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