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STSM "Women writers abroad, the George Sand case"

From 23 - 30 June 2011, two young researchers of the COST Action worked in Nancy under the direction of Kerstin Wiedemann, specialist of George Sand's reception in Germany.

Tanja Badalic and Begona Regueiro worked about:
the reception of George Sand in Slovenia and Spain.

They worked in particular on structuring the information contained in the records, to make it more visible in the database (focusing on the example of obituaries). They suggested adding a new field in the reception records, which would concern typical reception topoi. A distinction would first be made between those receivers who comment the author and not the work, and those who actually discuss or present the work. For both categories a certain number of topoi have been found, for which the Action members would need to check if the same appreciations are also used for other authors, in other countries, in other periods. This point of comparing is where the “qualitative” comes in.

The full report can be found in the Action site.

SvD, December 2011

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