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Oslo Research Seminar

Women Writers in History:
Toward a New Understanding of European Literary Culture

On Monday, September 19, from 10.15 till 18.00 there will be a guest lecture and a seminar within the framework of COST action IS0901 “Women Writers in History. Toward a New Understanding of European Literary Culture”. The guest lecture is open to everyone; the seminar, including lunch, requires registration.

The aim of this COST action is to lay the groundwork for a new history of European women’s participation in the literary field of the centuries before 1900. What was these women’s influence? Which active roles did they play as authors and readers in the broadest sense of the word, i.e. including their roles as transcribers, translators, mediators and educators? What happened to them when they fell into the hands of 19th-century canonizers? How is their disappearance from literary history to be explained?

The action will further develop the database WomenWriters ( into a broad research infrastructure, allowing researchers to stock and manipulate data concerning the contemporary reception of women’s writing, and to apply different research models to these data.

Particular attention will be paid to women’s participation in transnational cultural dynamics and to the overlooked role of “smaller”, less internationally known literatures within the larger European context. This interdisciplinary research will lead to a new way of looking at Europe’s literary past – male and female –, which also implies a different perspective on Europe’s present.

The guest lecture

10.15 – 1.200, Aud. 4, Eilert Sundts hus, Blindern

Suzan van Dijk, Huygens ING, Netherlands, Chair of the COST Action:

  • ’Women Writers In History’: the relevance of studying literature.

The seminar

Scandinavia within the European context:
Women's contributions to European literary culture before World War I.

12.15 – 18.00 Rådssalen, Lucy Smiths hus, Blindern

Lunch will be served at 14.00.


Torill Steinfeld, University of Oslo:

Petra Broomans, University of Groningen:

  • [Awards and networks]. A secret formula for the canonization of a cultural transmitter? On Swedish women´s literature in Dutch translation

Tone Selboe, University of Oslo:

Marie Nedregotten Sørbø, University College of Volda:

Janet Garton, Norwich:

Viola Capkova, University of Turku:

  • Finnish Women Writers as Translators and Mediators of Writing by European Women at the Turn of the 18th and the 19th Century

Ragnhild J. Zorgati, University of Oslo:

Registration by 12.09.2011 at:
Responsible: Tone Brekke, STK, Anne Birgitte Rønning, ILOS, Torill Steinfeld, ILN

SvD, September 2011

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