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Project publications

During the course of the subsequent WomenWriters projects the following volumes have been published:

Suzan van Dijk, Lia van Gemert, Sheila Ottway (eds.), [Writing the history of women’s writing. Toward an international approach]. Amsterdam: K.N.A.W., 2001, 279 p.
This volume can be ordered: send a message to [mailto: Suzan van Dijk]; price: € 25,-.

Suzan van Dijk, Madeleine van Strien-Chardonneau (eds.), [[Féminités et masculinités dans le texte narratif. La question du ‘gender’]]. Louvain/Paris: Peeters, 2002, 474 p.

Suzan van Dijk and Kerstin Wiedemann (eds.), [[George Sand. La réception hors de France au XIXe siècle]], no spécial de la revue Oeuvres & Critiques XXVIII-1, 2003, 211 p.

Suzan van Dijk, Petra Broomans, Janet F. van der Meulen and Pim van Oostrum (eds.), [[“I have heard about you”. Foreign women’s writing crossing the Dutch border: from Sappho to Selma Lagerlöf]]. Hilversum: Verloren, 2004, 342 p.

Suzan van Dijk, Valérie Cossy, Monique Moser-Verrey, Madeleine van Strien-Chardonneau (eds.), [[Belle de Zuylen / Isabelle de Charrière. Education, création, réception]]. Amsterdam-New York: Rodopi, 2006, 343 p.

Gillian Dow (ed.), [title follows]

Since 2005, these projects collaborate with the Dutch Isabelle de Charriere Association (Genootschap Belle van Zuylen) for the annual publication entitled

Cahiers Isabelle de Charriere / Belle de Zuylen Papers.

Two issues have appeared:
The 2008 issue will be presented at the annual meeting of the Association, 27 September [...]

These issues can be ordered [...]

SvD, May 2008

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