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Onorina Botezat

Martha Bibescu: a Muse of Wisdom and a Sculptor of Words


Princess Marthe Bibescu represents a reference point in the so-called Romanian Francophony. Romanian aristocrat, she performed a successful literary career of both non-fiction and novels during the first half of the twentieth century, being laureate of the French Academy and member of the Royal Belgian Academy of French Language and Literature. Through her charming personality, both her intelligence and beauty, she proudly shared her two cultures bound identity: French and Romanian.

During the first part of her life, Princess Bibescu marvels by her richness, her splendors, and her relations to the last kings of Europe as well as to an impressive number of chiefs of state. In the second part of her life, period of hard endeavors and huge loss of fortune, Martha Bibescu travels, writes, experiences personally disruptive events in European history, assumes with dignity her social role of confident and supporting relative, turns writing in her livelihood, overrides personal loss and cherish the only single passion in her life - writing.

AsK, September 2012

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