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***[[Anke Gilleir]] (Catholic University Leuven)<br> ***[[Anke Gilleir]] (Catholic University Leuven)<br>
***[[Liselotte Vandenbussche]] (University College of Ghent) <br> ***[[Liselotte Vandenbussche]] (University College of Ghent) <br>
 +***[[Elke Brems]] (Catholic University Leuven)<br>
***[[Damir Arsenijevic]] (Tuzla University)<br> ***[[Damir Arsenijevic]] (Tuzla University)<br>
Line 37: Line 38:
***[[Miglena Nikolchina]] (Sofia University)<br> ***[[Miglena Nikolchina]] (Sofia University)<br>
***[[Angelina Vacheva]] (Sofia University) <br> ***[[Angelina Vacheva]] (Sofia University) <br>
 +***[[Mariela Kristeva]] (Sofia University) <br>
***[[Susan Dalton]] (University of Montreal) <br> ***[[Susan Dalton]] (University of Montreal) <br>
Line 45: Line 47:
***[[Suzana Coha]] (University of Zagreb) <BR> ***[[Suzana Coha]] (University of Zagreb) <BR>
-***[[Jasna ?urkovi?]] (University of Pula)<br>+***[http://www.womenwriters.nl/index.php/Jasna_%C4%86urkovi%C4%87 Jasna Curkovic] (University of Pula)<br>
***[[Milena Lenderová]] (University of Pardubice)<br> ***[[Milena Lenderová]] (University of Pardubice)<br>
***[[Alenka Jensterle Doležal]] (Charles University Prague)<br> ***[[Alenka Jensterle Doležal]] (Charles University Prague)<br>
***[[Ursula Stohler]] (Charles University, Prague)<br> ***[[Ursula Stohler]] (Charles University, Prague)<br>
 +***[[Jana Stranikova]] (University of Pardubice) <br>
***[[Anne-Marie Mai (Syddansk Universitet)]]<BR> ***[[Anne-Marie Mai (Syddansk Universitet)]]<BR>
Line 73: Line 76:
***[[Susanne Goumegou]] Ruhr-universität Bochum <br> ***[[Susanne Goumegou]] Ruhr-universität Bochum <br>
***[[Ursula Jung (Ruhr-universität Bochum)]]<br> ***[[Ursula Jung (Ruhr-universität Bochum)]]<br>
-***[[Annette Keilhauer]] (Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg)<br>+***[[Annette Keilhauer]] (Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg)
 +***[[Gudrun Wedel]] (Free University, Berlin)<br>
***[[Rotraud von Kulessa]] (University of Augsburg) <br> ***[[Rotraud von Kulessa]] (University of Augsburg) <br>
***[[Elisa Müller-Adams (Universität Trier)]] <br> ***[[Elisa Müller-Adams (Universität Trier)]] <br>
-***[[Hendrik Schlieper (Ruhr-universität Bochum)]]<br>+***[http://www.womenwriters.nl/index.php/Hendrik_Schlieper_%28Ruhr-universit%C3%A4t_Bochum%29 Hendrik Schlieper] Universität Duisburg-Essen <br>
***[[Lieselotte Steinbrügge]] (Ruhr-universität Bochum)<br> ***[[Lieselotte Steinbrügge]] (Ruhr-universität Bochum)<br>
**GREECE <br> **GREECE <br>
Line 99: Line 103:
***[[Daphne Hoogenboezem (University of Groningen)]] <br> ***[[Daphne Hoogenboezem (University of Groningen)]] <br>
***[[Wolfgang Kaltenbrunner]] (University of Leiden)<br> ***[[Wolfgang Kaltenbrunner]] (University of Leiden)<br>
-***[[Alicia C. Montoya]] (University of Groningen)<br>+***[[Alicia C. Montoya]] (Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen)<br>
***[[Ton Naaijkens]] (Utrecht University) <br> ***[[Ton Naaijkens]] (Utrecht University) <br>
***[[Els Naaijkens,]] "Dutch Women Writers" group, Huygens ING <br> ***[[Els Naaijkens,]] "Dutch Women Writers" group, Huygens ING <br>
Line 107: Line 111:
***[[Stephanie Walker]] (Utrecht University)<br> ***[[Stephanie Walker]] (Utrecht University)<br>
***[[Gertjan Filarski]] (Huygens ING, The Hague) <br> ***[[Gertjan Filarski]] (Huygens ING, The Hague) <br>
-***[[Astrid Kulsdom]] (Radboud University Nijmegen) <br>+***[[Astrid Kulsdom]] (Huygens ING, The Hague) <br>
***[[Gea Schelhaas]] (Utrecht University) <br> ***[[Gea Schelhaas]] (Utrecht University) <br>
***[[Kim Heuvelmans]] (Utrecht University)<br> ***[[Kim Heuvelmans]] (Utrecht University)<br>
-***[[Janouk de Groot]] (University of Groningen)<br>+***[[Janouk de Groot]] (Huygens ING, The Hague)<br>
 +***[[Annemarie Doornbos]] "Dutch Women Writers" group, Huygens ING <br>
 +***[[Janneke Weijermars]] (Groningen University) <br>
 +***[[Arno Kuipers]] (Dutch Royal Library, The Hague)
***[[Anne Birgitte Ronning]] (University of Oslo) <br> ***[[Anne Birgitte Ronning]] (University of Oslo) <br>
Line 119: Line 126:
***[[Magdalena Koch]] (Adam Mickiewicz University, Pozna?)<br> ***[[Magdalena Koch]] (Adam Mickiewicz University, Pozna?)<br>
-***[[Ma?gorzata Dajnowicz]] (University of Bia?ystok)<br>+***[http://www.womenwriters.nl/index.php/Ma%C5%82gorzata_Dajnowicz Malgorzata Dajnowicz] (University of Bialystok)<br>
***[[Adriana Kovacheva]] (Adam Mickiewicz University, Pozna?)<br> ***[[Adriana Kovacheva]] (Adam Mickiewicz University, Pozna?)<br>
***[[Lucyna Marzec]](Adam Mickiewicz University, Pozna?)<br> ***[[Lucyna Marzec]](Adam Mickiewicz University, Pozna?)<br>
-***[[Ewa Wiazowska]] (University of Bia?ystok)<br>+***[[Ewa Wiazowska]] (University of Bialystok)<br>
 +***[[Ewa Kraskowska]] (Adam Mickiewicz University, Pozna?)<br>
 +***[[Brygida Helbig-Mischewski]] (Szczecin University, Poland)<br>
 +***[[Jan Rybicki]] (Jagiellonian University, Kraków)<br>
 +***[http://www.womenwriters.nl/index.php/Magdalena_O%C5%BCarska Magdalena Ozarska] (Jan Kochanowski University, Kielce) <br>
-***[[Teresa de Almeida]] (Universidade Nuova de Lisboa)<br>+***[[Teresa de Almeida]] (Universidade Nova de Lisboa)<br>
***[[Vanda Anastacio]] (Universidade de Lisboa)<br> ***[[Vanda Anastacio]] (Universidade de Lisboa)<br>
-***[[Ines Castro]] (Universidade Nuova de Lisboa)<br>+***[[Ines Castro]] (Universidade Nova de Lisboa)<br>
***[[Isabel Morujão (Universidade de Lisboa)]] <br> ***[[Isabel Morujão (Universidade de Lisboa)]] <br>
-***[[Isabel Maria da Cruz Lousada]](Universidade Nuova de Lisboa)<br>+***[[Isabel Maria da Cruz Lousada]](Universidade Nova de Lisboa)<br>
***[[Pedro Urbano]] (Universidade de Lisboa)<br> ***[[Pedro Urbano]] (Universidade de Lisboa)<br>
 +***[[Paula Rodrigues]] (Universidade Nova de Lisboa)<br>
***[[Carmen Beatrice Dutu]] (Universitatea "Dimitrie Cantemir" Bucharest)<br> ***[[Carmen Beatrice Dutu]] (Universitatea "Dimitrie Cantemir" Bucharest)<br>
***[[Ileana Mihaila]] (University of Bucharest/Institute of literary history and theory of the Romanian Academy) <br> ***[[Ileana Mihaila]] (University of Bucharest/Institute of literary history and theory of the Romanian Academy) <br>
-***[[Ramona Mihaila]] (Spiru Haret University Bucharest) <br>+***[[Ramona Mihaila]] (University of Bucharest) <br>
***[[Mihaela Mudure]] (Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj) <br> ***[[Mihaela Mudure]] (Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj) <br>
***[[Onorina Botezat]] (University Spiru Haret, Constan?a)<BR> ***[[Onorina Botezat]] (University Spiru Haret, Constan?a)<BR>
 +***[[Camelia Teglas]] (Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj) <br>
-***[[Jelena Baki?]] (Belgrade University)<br>+***[http://www.womenwriters.nl/index.php/Jelena_Baki%C4%87 Jelena Bakic] (Belgrade University)<br>
-***[[Biljana Doj?inovi? Neši?]] (Belgrade University)<br>+***[http://www.womenwriters.nl/index.php/Biljana_Doj%C4%8Dinovi%C4%87_Ne%C5%A1i%C4%87 Biljana Dojcinovic] (Belgrade University)<br>
***[[Juliana Jovicic]] (University of Novi Sad) <br> ***[[Juliana Jovicic]] (University of Novi Sad) <br>
***[[Jelena Milinkovic]] (Belgrade University)<br> ***[[Jelena Milinkovic]] (Belgrade University)<br>
Line 146: Line 159:
***[[Sofija Nemet]] (Belgrade University)<br> ***[[Sofija Nemet]] (Belgrade University)<br>
***[[Novak Malesevic]] (Belgrade University)<br> ***[[Novak Malesevic]] (Belgrade University)<br>
 +***[http://www.womenwriters.nl/index.php/Jasmina_Ahmetagi%C4%87 Jasmina Ahmetagic] (Institute for Serbian Culture, Priština) <br>
 +***[[Vladimir Djuric]] (Belgrade University)<br>
***[[Marta Soucková]] (University of Precov) <BR> ***[[Marta Soucková]] (University of Precov) <BR>
Line 151: Line 166:
***[[Katja Mihurko Poniz]] (Univerza v Novi Gorici) <br> ***[[Katja Mihurko Poniz]] (Univerza v Novi Gorici) <br>
***[[Tanja Badalic]] (Univerza v Novi Gorici) <br> ***[[Tanja Badalic]] (Univerza v Novi Gorici) <br>
-***[[Aleš Vaupoti?]] (Univerza v Novi Gorici) <br>+***[http://www.womenwriters.nl/index.php/Ale%C5%A1_Vaupoti%C4%8D Ales Vaupotic] (Univerza v Novi Gorici) <br>
***[[Silvija Borovnik]] (University of Maribor)<br> ***[[Silvija Borovnik]] (University of Maribor)<br>
-***[[Milena Mileva Blaži?]] (University of Ljubljana) <br>+***[http://www.womenwriters.nl/index.php/Milena_Mileva_Bla%C5%BEi%C4%87 Milena Blazic] (University of Ljubljana) <br>
 +***[[Mojca Šauperl]] (University of Primorska, Koper) <br>
***[[Nieves Baranda]] (UNED, Madrid)<br> ***[[Nieves Baranda]] (UNED, Madrid)<br>
Line 178: Line 194:
***[[Tatiana Crivelli]] (University of Zürich)<br> ***[[Tatiana Crivelli]] (University of Zürich)<br>
***[[Pfenninger, Peter]] (University of Zürich)<br> ***[[Pfenninger, Peter]] (University of Zürich)<br>
-***[[Corinne Fournier Kiss]] (Université de Fribourg)<br>+***[[Corinne Fournier Kiss]] (University of Bern)<br>
***[[Caterina Nosdeo]] (University of Zürich)<br> ***[[Caterina Nosdeo]] (University of Zürich)<br>
**TURKEY <br> **TURKEY <br>
Line 192: Line 208:
***[[Laura Kirkley]] (Oxford University)<br> ***[[Laura Kirkley]] (Oxford University)<br>
***[[Robert McNamee]] (Electronic Enlightenment) <br> ***[[Robert McNamee]] (Electronic Enlightenment) <br>
-***[[Henriette Partzsch]] (University of St. Andrews) <br>+***[[Henriette Partzsch]] (University of Glasgow) <br>
***[[Nicole Pohl]] (Oxford Brookes University)<br> ***[[Nicole Pohl]] (Oxford Brookes University)<br>
***[[Shaf Towheed]] (Open University) <br> ***[[Shaf Towheed]] (Open University) <br>
***[[Zsuzsanna Varga]] (Glasgow University, Scotland)<br> ***[[Zsuzsanna Varga]] (Glasgow University, Scotland)<br>
-***[[Francesca Scott]] (University of Warwick) <br>+***[[Francesca Scott]] (Huygens ING, The Hague; Amsterdam University College) <br>
-*** Ursula Philips (SSEES London) <br>+***[[Ursula Philips]] (SSEES and UCL, London) <br>
 +***[[Marina Cano Lopez]] (University of St. Andrews)<br>
***[[Faith Beasley]] (Darthmouth College, Hanover New Hampshire)<br> ***[[Faith Beasley]] (Darthmouth College, Hanover New Hampshire)<br>
Line 267: Line 284:
-SvD, May 2012+SvD, October 2014
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<br> <br>
*Participants<br><br> *Participants<br><br>

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