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Everybody interested in further contact can subscribe to the NEWW-mailing list. This list allows members of the network "New approaches to European Women's Writing" to exchange informations and discuss their research and teaching.

The topics may include:

  • the database
  • research and teaching about women writers' place in literary history
  • the theory and methodology of literary history and reception studies, especially in a gender perspective
  • the development of the NEWW network and possible collaborations with other projects

You may send (in English or French):

  • announcements for events, conferences, seminars, publications
  • calls for papers/projects/collaboration
  • information requests
  • discussion topics and contributions to debates
  • reviews of articles and books

The list is hosted by the University of Geneva and is administered by Agnese Fidecaro.

To subscribe, please contact Agnese Fidecaro or go to

SvD, May 2009

  • NEWW List

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