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Susanne Parren <br> Susanne Parren <br>
Johanneke Straasheijm <br> Johanneke Straasheijm <br>
-Els Naaijkens <br>+[http://www.databasewomenwriters.nl/results.asp?type=receptions&work_authorName=&notesfield=&work_Title=&rec_Year=&Editor_ID=EN&rec_authorName=&Rec_Title=&reference=&pageSize=50&order=a2.name Els Naaijkens] <br>
-Anne van Buul <br><br>+[http://www.databasewomenwriters.nl/results.asp?type=receptions&work_authorName=&notesfield=&work_Title=&rec_Year=&Editor_ID=AvBuul&rec_authorName=&Rec_Title=&reference=&pageSize=50&order=a2.name Anne van Buul] <br><br>

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The publishing site Women Writers’ Networks as presented in this form is one of the outcomes of the digitizing project The International Reception of Women’s Writing (2004–2007; Utrecht University). With electronic support provided by Igitur publishing & archiving services (Utrecht University Library), the preceding version of the site has been adapted into a format allowing to be edited by the research team without intervention of others.

The digitizing project was part of a large research programme which is going on since 1997 around the database WomenWriters. Next phase is the international networking project New approaches to European Women’s Writing (NEWW; 2007–2010). Just as the preceding projects it is funded by NWO (Netherlands Organisation of Scientific Research); collaboration is with Universities of Genève, Lausanne, Southampton, Warwick and Bochum.

Objective of this site is: the presentation of provisional and partial results of research which has been allowed or facilitated by the database WomenWriters. The direct relationship between the website and the database is visible through hyperlinks leading from the online articles to the source materials. Note that while access to the website is open to everyone, a password is needed for complete visibility of the database content. (Contact us!)

In the first place this website is providing results of The International Reception of Women’s Writing. This project has in particular been concerned with reception of women’s writing in the Netherlands. It was closed by a study day at the Huygens Institute (The Hague) on 21 September 2007.


  • Address:

Utrecht University; Faculty of Humanities
O.G.C. (Research Institute of History and Culture)
Janskerkhof 13
3512 BL Utrecht
The Netherlands
Tel. 00-31-30-2537980

  • Project staff:

Suzan van Dijk
Susanne Parren (up to September 2007)
Johanneke Straasheijm (id.)
Nicolien Gouwenberg (from January 2008)
Anne van Buul (from February 2008)

  • NEWW Executive committee:

Suzan van Dijk
Alicia Montoya (University of Groningen)
Anke Gilleir (Catholic University Leuven)

  • Editorial board to this publishing website:

Suzan van Dijk
Lizet Duijvendak (Dutch Open University, Heerlen)
Kerstin Wiedemann (University of Nancy II)

  • Participants in the NEWW project:

Gillian Dow (Southampton University and Chawton Library)
Katherine Astbury (Warwick University)
Lieselotte Steinbruegge (Ruhruniversitat Bochum
Agnese Fidecaro (Universite de Geneve)
Valerie Cossy (Universite de Lausanne

  • Affiliated to the NEWW project:


  • Participants in the entry of data in WomenWriters:

Susanne Parren
Johanneke Straasheijm
Els Naaijkens
Anne van Buul

SvD, March 2008

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