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Fifth COST-WWIH Training School 18 - 22 February 2013

Objectives of this Training School:

Next to the “normal” objectives of the COST-WWIH Training Schools, this fifth one aimed at preparing the trainees to participate in discussions going on about the Virtual Research Environment which will be developed this year thanks to CLARIN-NL funding for the project COBWWWEB.

During this 5th Training School we continued focusing on and testing the way in which we have started standardizing information to be added on the authors’ and the reception level – through the use of a so-called protocol, developed in the two Think-Tank Meetings which were held in July and September 2012. This protocol has equally been discussed in Working Group 1, and will now be distributed and commented before our further working on it. As usual in all Training Schools, criteria for selecting and handling of sources have also been discussed.

For the first time we also had three “virtual” participants: they had planned to participate but were unable to come for different practical reasons. They were part of the Training School in the sense that like the other Trainees they entered data corresponding to their own research needs, and had the possibility of discussing the work, using e-mail and skype (as much as possible). The communication was not always easy: in a way this also proved that coming physically together and have the permanent exchange with colleagues sitting at the very same table - without any concern about children being ill, etc. - is essential and cannot yet be completely replaced. However for all of us it was an interesting experience.



  • Monday 18 February
    • morning
      • Suzan van Dijk: welcome, and brief illustration of the database, its role in the collaborative process, the work done until now in Training Schools and Think-Tank meetings, and to be done this week; participants presenting themselves, and then starting work on database, with help of the Instructions in the NEWW site and other documents to be distributed
    • afternoon
      • Janouk de Groot presenting the type of source she worked on (bio-bibliographical compilations), similar to those used by Mojca Sauperl
      • Francesca Scott on research questions to be handled thanks to the WomenWriters database
  • Tuesday 19 February
    • morning
      • Nancy Isenberg: the problem of “retro-entry” – concerning Giustiniana Wynne and her literary connections
    • afternoon
      • Gertjan Filarski contributing about planned changes in view of the next version of the database (Virtual Research Environment), to be realized thanks to the CLARIN-NL project entitled COBWWWEB
  • Wednesday 20 February
    • morning
      • Alenka Jensterle and Camelia Teglas: working on the reception of a specific author, resp. Zofka Kveder and Eliza Haywood
    • afternoon
      • Magdalena Ozarska: using egodocuments as sources for the reception of literary texts (also: Jana Stranikova)
  • Thursday 21 February
    • morning
      • Vladimir Djuric: working with data from various sources
  • Friday 22 February
    • morning
      • Paula Rodrigues and Mariela Kristeva: using modern inventories and research outcomes
    • afternoon
      • final discussions.

The complete program, with details about the participants' research interests is in the Action site (> Files uploaded).

SvD, June 2013

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