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“Because I had something to say”

Dutch women authors from the 19th century

On the 30th of September, the Museum of Dutch Literature, in collaboration with Huygens ING and the KB National Library of the Netherlands, opened the exhibition “Omdat ik iets te zeggen had”, presenting a number of nineteenth-century Dutch women authors.

The exhibition was organized in the context of the European HERA research project Travelling TexTs 1790-1914: The Transnational Reception of Women’s Writing at the Fringes of Europe, which is carried out at the Huygens Institute for the History of the Netherlands, and at the universities from Turku (Finland), Volda (Norway), Nova Gorica (Slovenia) and Glasgow (United Kingdom).

The exhibition was and will be presented in:

  • The Hague: Museum of Dutch Literature and Ladies' Reading Museum
  • September 30 2015 - November 15 2015

  • Haarlem: Archives of the Province of Noord-Holland (Jansstraat 40)
  • February 4 2016 - March 24 2016

  • Amsterdam: Atria, Institute on gender equality and women's history
  • April 5 - June 1st 2016

  • Utrecht: Public Library
  • October 18 - November 13 2016

In each location the presentation is adapted to local circumstances. It will include material from these archives or show local authors.

See also
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Suzan van Dijk
Francesca Scott
Janouk de Groot

SvD, April 2016

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