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Amelia Sanz

Internationalizing Authorship:
the European circulation of Mme de Villedieu's and Mlle de La Roche-Guilhem's works


One of the central questions of our COST-WWIH Action is how women become authors not only by the strategies they bring into play to insert their works in the literary field as long as they live, but also by means of publishers, translators, librariens a long time afterwards and elsewhere. We are trying to prove that the circulation of works between the Western and the Eastern part of Europe, the North and the South, could be a very good angle to approach women's authorship construction.

In this contribution, I propose to focus on the circulation of the works by two 17th-century French romancières in Europe, from 1650 on: a Catholic one (Mme de Villedieu) and a Huguenote (Mlle de la Roche-Guilhem). I will try to compare and to visualize by means of maps

  • the location of their activities as writers,
  • the location of their fictions, and
  • the networks of circulation of their works, locating editions, translations and volumes in National Libraries and private collections, as the case may be.

Taking these case studies as a starting point, I will discuss the visualizing possibilities of maps and their hermeneutical stakes, as much as the requirements of this kind of representations in a Virtual Environment and in a literary domain.

In the frame of this contribution, data about Villedieu's and La Roche's works will be verified in our [neww.huygens.knaw.nl WomenWriters Database] and new data will be included if necessary.

This contribution will be presented as a work in progress: coming from previous works (Sanz 2009 and Sanz 2010), my research is needing reactions, collaboration and clarifications by other Action members, due to the large European scale of Villedieu's and La Roche's circulation.

AsK, September 2012

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