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Elisa Müller-Adams

Specializing in

  • 19th-century German literature

Personal website

Some recent publications relevant for NEWW

  • "A German Jane Eyre? – Amely Bölte and the English governess novel", in Women’s Writing, 18, 1 (February 2011), Special issue: Readers, Writers, Salonnières: Female Networks in Europe, 1700-1900, pp.103-120.
  • (co-edited, with Caroline Bland), Schwellenueberschreitungen. Politik in der Literatur von deutschsprachigen Frauen 1780-1918. Bielefeld, Aisthesis Verlag, 2007.
  • "'Ich fühlte immer, dass ich auf Glas stand'. Fremdheit bei Amelie Boelte (1811-1891)", in Bland/Mueller-Adams 2007, p. 227-248.

Realized or planned activities/publications in NEWW-context

  • Chawton, May 2008, "A German Jane Eyre? Amely Bölte and the English Governess Novel", contribution to the second international conference of the NEWW network (New approches to European Women’s Writing) Readers, Writers, Salonnières: Female networks in Europe, 1700-1900, hosted by Chawton House Library.
  • Bochum, May 2009, "Gender and the City – Urban narratives in travel writing by German-speaking women in the 19th century", contribution to the third international conference of the NEWW network (New approches to European Women’s Writing) Theorizing Narrative Genres and Gender, hosted by Ruhr-Universität Bochum.
  • Participating, as a substitute member of the Management Committee and Working Group 3 member, in COST Action IS 0901 “Women Writers In History” (2009-2013); cf. COST website.
  • Contributing to COST-WWIH workshop Turku 24-26 May 2010.
  • Co-organizer (with Kerstin Wiedemann) of the conference Routes out of marginalization: Gender and narrative practice in novels by German-speaking women, 1780-1914, 24-25 June 2010, University of Nancy.
  • Participating in COST Training School The Hague 11-16 October 2010.
  • (with Kerstin Wiedemann), "Deutsche Schriftstellerinnen im internationalen literarischen Markt: eine Fallstudie zu Ida Gräfin Hahn-Hahn", contribution to German Women's Writing in its European Context, 1700-1900, conference in London, 25-26 November 2010.
  • Participating in the COST-WWIH workshop, Belgrade 14-16 April 2011
  • Participating in the Action conference Voices in Dialogue, Chawton 3-5 November 2011
  • Participating in the COST-WWIH workshop Bucharest 25-28 April 2012.
  • Contributing to the final COST-WWIH conference FEMALE AUTHORSHIP IN EUROPE, The Hague June 19-21 2013
  • Co-edited with Kerstin Wiedemann: Wege aus der Marginalisierung. Geschlecht und Schreibweisen in deutschsprachigen Romanen von Frauen, 1780-1914 / Echapper à la marginalisation. Genre et récit dans le roman féminin allemand, 1780-1914. Nancy, Presses universitaires de Nancy, 2013
  • "Raumerfahrung und Identitätskonstruktion in Ida von Düringsfelds Esther (1852) / Perception de l’espace et construction identitaire dans le roman Esther (1852) d’Ida von Düringsfeld", in Id., p. 163-190
  • CePoG – Yearly Interdisciplinary Conference for PhD Students and Postdoctoral Researchers, University of Trier, organised with Prof. Dr. Andrea Geier and the Centre for Postcolonial and Gender Studies, Trier (8./9.7. 2010; 30.6.-01.07. 2011; 14./15.6. 2012).


  • Master Course (summer term 2011): Reiseliteratur (German literature, certificate Interdisciplinary Gender Studies)
  • BA course (winter term 2011/12): Romantische Frauen (id.)
  • MA course (winter term 2011/12): Eheromane (id.)
  • BA course (summer term 2012): Gender und Narration (id.)
  • MA course (summer term 2012): Orientbilder in der deutschen Literatur (German literature, Intercultural gender Studies, certificate Interdisciplinary Gender Studies)


  • madams[at]

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