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Database WomenWriters, the Reception of their Works

From here you access the database that constitutes the center of the programme. This database WomenWriters has been created to allow the study of women’s writing in pre-1900 Europe: the authors’ places, activities and recognition. Such a study was not possible given the evident lack of large-scale information. Large scale and transcending of boundaries was considered a necessity because of women's frequent role as translators, and also because of women's reputations abroad not always being recognized in the home country.

Large scale of course implies: technical problems, "longue durée" and a large amount of patience and perseverance.... For the moment it is not yet possible to study here the Spanish reception of 19th-century Russian women writers, nor the influence of 17th-century French author Madame Deshoulières in the rest of Europe (to take some examples). Still this is what should become possible on the long run. Collaboration of colleagues (researchers as well as students) is needed and being prepared, and applications for financing of projects are and will be submitted.

For the moment the database contains mainly information on women authors' reception in the Netherlands. Indeed, after a starting period (2001-2004), where the focus had been on French 18th-century authors and on 19th-century George Sand with their reception in France and in the Netherlands, a digitizing project was financed by NWO (the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research). From 2004 up to 2007, focus has been on the Dutch reception of women writing and publishing, anywhere in Europe or its colonies, befor 1900.

bronnen geselecteerd min of meer arbitrary, eventueel later te completeren, dient als starting point. wie er mee aan de slag gaat, zal de noodzaak hebben om verder te gaan en aan te vullen in database in principe alleen referenties verwijzen naar papier of online, in enkele gevallen hyperlinks

Note that informations contained in the database WomenWriters have been derived from contemporary sources, which may contain errors. Also important: when arriving in the database WomenWriters, your status is: "not logged on", which means that you have only partial view. For complete view and participation in the project, take contact.

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