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* [[NEWW November meetings]]<br> * [[NEWW November meetings]]<br>
* [[NEWW participation in other conferences]]<br> * [[NEWW participation in other conferences]]<br>
-* [[E-conferencing]]<br>+* [[Meetings of COST Action ''Women Writers In History"<br>
* [[Presentation of highlights]]<br> * [[Presentation of highlights]]<br>
* [[Teaching.]]<br><br> * [[Teaching.]]<br><br>
-SvD, July 2009<br><br><br>+SvD, May 2010<br><br><br>
<hr> <hr>
<br> <br>
*Conferences and activities > <br><br> *Conferences and activities > <br><br>

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Conferences and other activities

In the context of the project “New approaches to European Women’s Writing” (NEWW; 2007-2010), a certain number of meetings - real and virtual - are being organised. Here we provide information about these contacts, which are anticipating on future more direct collaboration.

SvD, May 2010

  • Conferences and activities >

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