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* concerning [[particular periods]] <br><br> * concerning [[particular periods]] <br><br>
* concerning [[particular genres]] <br><br> * concerning [[particular genres]] <br><br>
 +* concerning [[literary reception]] <br><br>
 +* concerning [[historiography]] <br><br>
* [[international/transnational approaches]]<br><br> * [[international/transnational approaches]]<br><br>
 +* [[online projects]] in women's literary history<br><BR>
 +* presentations of non-English writers [[in English]] (histories, monographes, anthologies) <br><br>
- +SvD, August 2011<br><br>
-SvD, February 2010<br><br>+
<hr> <hr>
<br> <br>
*Bibliography ><br><br> *Bibliography ><br><br>

Current revision


At present the bibliography is being revised. You can contact Suzan van Dijk.

A provisional inventory of recent overviews and monographies:

SvD, August 2011

  • Bibliography >

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